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$299 Micro 3D Printer Raises More Than $3m on Kickstarter


The Micro 3D Printer was developed in Bethesda, MD by co-founders Michael Armani and David Jones. 

According to TechCrunch, “the Micro originally sold for $199 for early birds and has since risen by $100.  It’s a tiny printer…with a 4.5 cubic-inch build volume and a special internal spool that holds the filament inside the printer’s case.  It can build objects 4.5 inches high.”

Supposedly, “you’ll be able to search for an open-source object and print it right from the app.  The app resizes the object and prepares it for printing and the wee printer does the rest.  It also has a self-leveling print bed.”

Update: The Micro 3D Printer has now been funded more than $3m on Kickstarter in just three days.

Video Courtesy of Micro 3D

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of TechCrunch

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