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3D Print Canal House


DUS Architects developed the ‘KamerMaker’, which is Dutch for ‘room maker’ to build a canal house in Amsterdam room by room. 

According to Gizmodo, the “giant printer [was] custom built inside a shipping container.  Just a few weeks ago, KamerMaker began printing plastic furniture…smaller versions of the unusual honeycomb walls have been tested on normal desktop printers…and just needed to be scaled up…the first few printed blocks are meant to be test pieces as they improve the process.”

Right now, “it takes about a week to print a 3-meter high block…the project’s leaders hope to eventually get that down to two hours and finish the first of 12 rooms in a year, and the entire house in less than 3 years.”

The public can visit the 3D Print Canal House while it’s being constructed for 2.50 Euros.

Video Courtesy of 3D Print Canal House

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Gizmodo 

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