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3D Print Unborn Babies

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The wacky world of 3D printing never ceases to amaze. 

Take this creepy example from Business Insider: apparently a new company, 3D Babies, which failed to become fully funded on Indiegogo in October 2013 for $15,000 (surprise, surprise), is offering expectant mothers the chance to 3D print their unborn babies’ fetuses. 

For $600, pregnant women can send 3D Babies their ultrasound “and the company will send [them] a custom, life-size figurine of [the] fetus.” 

“You can choose between two different positions for your fetus, and pick its skin tone as well.  You can also order a “half-size” baby for $400 or a mini-baby fetus for $200.”

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Business Insider      

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