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3D Print Using Human Remains!

The world of 3D printing does not shy away from dipping its toe into the weird and grotesque…

According to Vocativ, a “Spanish company called Narbon has developed a ‘3D Memories’ service, [which] allows customers to create ceramic objects that are 3D printed using the ashes of the deceased.”

Many may find even the thought off-putting, but on the other hand, there is something sweet about it.  Additionally, it is always fascinating the breadth of material you can 3D print with!

Narbon’s “clients choose a design and color for their selected item and ship the ashes in an urn to Narbon’s facilities.  The ashes are then mixed with porcelain and other materials which can then be 3D printed into a stand-alone object or a piece of jewelry.”

Vocativ put it best: “instead of wearing grandma’s antique ring, you can just wear grandma!”


Video, Image, and Quotes Courtesy of Vocativ

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