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3D Printed Architecture


The University of Southern California’s Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis is a leading figure in 3D printed architecture. 

Professor Khoshnevis, as reported by, is best known for his patented Contour Crafting process.  This process “is a system that automates age-old tools normally used by hand.  These are wielded by a robotic gantry that builds a 3D object.  Strong walls are built up layer by layer using concrete with automatic reinforcement, while plumbing and electrics [for the 3D printed building] are also added by the system during the building process.” 

Khoshnevis aims for this kind of technology to one day have use“in disaster relief areas to build emergency and replacement housing”.  He also hopes that it could be used for space exploration as well. 

Recently, however, his research team at USC has developed a 3D printer that can “build a 232sq m home layer by layer in a single day” using Khoshnevis’ Contour Crafting system. 

As Khoshnevis concluded, it is “basically scaling up 3D printing to the scale of building.”

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