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3D Printed Artificial Blood Vessels

Business Standard reports on a startling new 3D printing method outlined in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

Apparently, scientists from the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder have developed this method in order to 3D print artificial blood vessels.  Recreating the “complex geometry of blood vessels…could one day be used to produce artificial arteries and organ tissues.”  The scientists’ new 3D printing method “features fine-grain, programmable control over rigidity.”  This method could be used to aid those suffering from hypertension and other vascular diseases.

As Associate Professor Xiaobo Yin, one of the scientists involved in the study explains: “the idea was to add independent mechanical properties to 3D structures capable of mimicking the body’s natural tissue.  This technology allows us to create microstructures, which can be customized for disease models.”

Postdoctoral Researcher Yonghui Ding adds: “oxygen is usually a bad thing in it can cause incomplete curing.  Here, we utilize a layer, which allows for a fixed rate of oxygen permeation.”  With this fixed rate of oxygen permeation, the researchers were able to keep “tight control over oxygen migration and its subsequent light exposure – giving them control over which areas of an object are solidified to be harder or softer.”

Researcher Ding concludes: “this is a profound development and an encouraging first step toward our goal of creating structures which function as healthy cells should.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Business Standard

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