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3D Printed BattleBots

3D Printing Industry reports Markforged, a 3D printer provider, will have four of its 3D printers showcased on the Discovery Channel’s new series, BattleBots.

Indeed, Markforged, which is based out of Massachusetts, “has supported 29 on-site teams from the dynamic robot combat tournament… [the teams have] 3D printed over 160 parts within the two weeks of filming.  This allowed the teams to quickly repair damaged robots and optimize their design against competitors in real time.”

As Founder and Executive Producer of BattleBots Inc. Greg Munson explains: “teams with broken bots were saved and able to fight again because of Markforged and their fantastic 3D printers.”

“Markforged created custom shock mounts for many robot motors.  This decreased the fail rate of motors that were poorly mounted and increased the reliability and the excitement level for the 2019 fights. We can’t thank them enough.”

The 3D printers “were used for end-use parts” on many of the robots.  For example, “Valkyrie, an undercutter robot, is designed to damage the undercarriage of other robots.  It has 55 3D printed parts.”

The Valkyrie Team Captain Leanne Cushing elaborated: “we produced more than 200 Markforged 3D printed parts for Valkyrie in preparation for this season.  With a two-month build time and Markforged as a resource, we were able to bring our improved 2019 design to life effortlessly without the hours and expense of a normal machine shop.”

Image Courtesy of the Discovery Channel

Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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