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3D Printed Concrete Bridge Completed

Interesting Engineering reports on the conclusion of a story we have been following for quite some time.

3D printing company Vertico, in conjunction with the University of Ghent, has finally completed their 3D printed concrete bridge. Vertico is incredibly excited by this development, as “this process eliminates the need for expensive molds and more importantly provides more form freedom to structures.”

Vertico’s Founder, Volker Ruitinga, explains: “this bridge showcases the range of possibilities 3D concrete printing offers. At Vertico, we believe this technology is the key to unlocking material optimization in structures, reducing CO2 emissions whilst simultaneously increasing productivity in the construction industry.”

The construction industry, understandably, is awed by this innovation. Indeed, “building concrete structures out of a 3D printer is revolutionary for an industry, which has long lagged behind others in terms of automation and production.” As Vertico elaborates, “there is a need for innovation in an industry which produces 23% of global CO2 emissions. This isn’t to say this industry does not seek innovation, just that it’s often just too costly to build unique forms and organic shapes with traditional techniques.”

Vertico goes on to add: “this project demonstrates the possibilities of the technique on a relevant and significant scale. The advantages of 3D (concrete) printing are being increasingly recognized and with this acceptance we will see more and more building and infrastructure projects such as this optimized bridge. The desire for material/CO2 reduction, automation productivity trends, and cost-effective production requirements make 3D concrete printing an innovation with a lot of potential.”

Next, Vertico is focusing on the construction of a 3D printed concrete dome house, which will begin production in February of 2020.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Vertico and Interesting Engineering

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