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3D Printed Customizable Mini Trim Pieces

Digital Trends reports on a brand-new program launched by automobile manufacturer Mini: “BMW’s Mini division just announced a new program called Yours Customized which gives current and future owners the ability to design their own 3D printed trim pieces without going down the ‘do-it-yourself’ rabbit hole.”

For now, “the list of 3D printed parts is limited to the inlays integrated into the front fenders and the trim on the passenger side of the dashboard.  Customers can choose from five colors and a long list of different patterns and finishes, and they can add text or pick from a small selection of cityscapes.”

“Mini created a platform named Online Customizer to let owners configure the special components.  The parts are then 3D printed in Germany using high-quality plastic and sent back to the customer via the nearest dealer.  The company explains it takes no more than a few minutes to swap out the trim pieces and the process doesn’t require any special tools.  All the customer needs is a plastic clamp they can buy directly from Mini.”

Additionally, customers will be given the ability to sign their car.  “Using laser-lettering technology, Mini creates custom door sills engraved with anything ranging from the car’s name to the owner’s signature.  Buyers who want the full treatment can order custom-designed LED door projectors too.”

These 3D printed parts will be made available for the Mini Convertible and the two and four door variants of the Hardtop.  The door sills and other door projects will also be made available with the larger Clubman.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of BMW, Mini, and Digital Trends

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