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3D Printed Electric Motorcycle Hood

3D Printing Industry reports on a recent collaboration between Fillamentum, which is a Czech 3D printer materials manufacturer, and František Dvořák, an industrial designer.

Presented at the Formnext Exposition in Frankfurt, this collaboration turned out to be a 3D printed electric motorcycle hood.  “In total, the motorcycle is built from 66 parts and uses Fillamentum’s high strength CPE filament (also known as PET or UPET) for the hood.”

Fillamentum is not only known for its top-quality 3D printing materials, “it also enjoys cooperating with printers, idea makers, architects, and most importantly: designers.”  Indeed, František Dvořák “made the motorcycle as part of his final project at Tomas Bata University and under a commercial assignment from Czech electric motorcycle manufacturer Kuberg s.r.o..”

As František Dvořák explains: “the machine’s concept uniquely combines the best qualities of a city scooter and adds the wild DNA of Dakar racing motorcycles.  Expected technical parameters: 55kW power, 300 km distance on one charge.”  The design took 10 months to develop, but the actual physical motorcycle hood only took 43 days.  “It was 3D printed in 66 segments on a Průša desktop 3D printer, and 2.5km of Fillamentum CPE HG100 was used in the process.”

Dvořák’ explains his choice in materials: “after experimenting with ASA and ABS, I’ve decided to use the CPE material for printing, specifically the CPE HG100 because it seemed like the best fit.  It’s very solid and heat-resistant, and what’s more, it has excellent impact tenacity – it was crucial for my project.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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