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3D Printed Foldable Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

3D Printing Media Network has recently reported on a successful Kickstarter begun by a company called UrmO.  UrmO, which is located in Munich, Germany, has many former Tesla and BMW engineers on staff.  And recently they have been working on something new…

The UrmO 3D printed foldable electric self-balancing scooter has been successfully launched and fully funded via Kickstarter.  In total, UrmO was able to raise a whopping $159,925 for their scooter.  The company plans to retail their nifty little device for roughly $2,317 a unit.

Touted as the Tesla of scooters, the stylish UrmO “integrates a patent-pending folding mechanism for your last mile, which means you can fold it up and easily carry it (it weighs about 7kg) anywhere you go.  You might even be able to transport it in your carry on luggage on a flight.”

UrmO explains “during the key prototyping phase – which enabled [them] to come up with a functioning proof of concept – the carbon fiber parts were produced using a hydraulic press, other parts were 3D printed out of laser sintered plastics, while the subshell of the device was 3D printed from aluminum parts using powder bed fusion…[this] could be a cost-effective production method for several – if not all – of the aluminum parts, while some other polymer parts could also be made using AM technologies.”

As the team’s blog adds: “these are the real materials the prototype is made from.  In short, we did everything which constitutes rapid prototyping.  And then the moment came when we turned it on for the first time.  The first step on the UrmO, it beeps, and then it gives a slight jolt: it drives off.  Success!”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Media Network

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