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3D Printed Homes for the Homeless

KXAN in Austin, Texas reports on a new 3D printed housing initiative launched by ICON. Based in Austin, the company ICON just recently “unveiled a new welcome center…for a local community which houses the chronically homeless – and it’s the second 3D printed home [they have printed] in their city.”

Additionally, “ICON’s Vulcan II 3D printer will soon be creating housing for area homeless at Community First! Village located in Travis County, which is east of Austin.” In partnership with Austin nonprofit Mobile Loaves & Fishes, which is the nonprofit behind Community First!, ICON “was commissioned by Cielo Property Group to print the nearly 500-square-foot welcome center. Cielo is paying for this printer to be used to build out other homes in this community as well, six more homes are expected to be printed in the near future.”

3D printing these homes takes “less than 27 hours over the course of several days,” according to ICON. “Using this printer to build out more homes will help fulfill Phase II of developing Mobile Loaves & Fishes plan for Community First! Village. Mobile Loaves & Fishes hopes to have 110 of these printed homes in their community in the long run.”

As Founder and CEO of Mobile Loaves & Fishes Alan Graham says, “that’s the beauty of the scalability of technology, that’s the beauty of the scalability of innovation. And then when you look at what it takes to actually build a house in a conventional way — a month — and be able to reduce that to days, it’s unbelievable. This is going to create one of the most extraordinary movements in the United States of America. ICON is pushing the envelope and is technologically laying out a new way of looking at how we build homes. Community First! Village is the perfect place on the planet to experiment with this approach. One of our desires is that this partnership with ICON will grow so deep that we’re able to leverage this technology to someday build all of our micro-homes in future phases of the Village.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of KXAN

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