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These 3D Printed Houses Are Cheaper Than iPhones!

Digital Trends has caught wind of an astoundingly cheap way to 3D print houses!  Italian 3D printing company WASP (which stands for World’s Advanced Saving Project) “has just 3D printed a hut structure called Gaia, using a combination of 3D printed concrete and a mud-based material.  [This was all put together using a giant, crane-based 3D printer.]  Total cost of the build?  Around $1,000.”

WASP CEO Massimo Moretti explains: “the material consist of clay earth, rice straw, and rice husk.  The natural fibers allow [us to minimize] the shrinkage of the dry mixture and confer mechanical strength to the layered wall.  By using the wet pan mill, the raw mixture has reached an interesting homogeneous plasticity which permits a good resolution in printed texture.”

To go with the earth and rice-based material, concrete is also mixed into the building foundations.  The roof of the Gaia hut was made out of timber.  “The 215 sq. ft. build took around 10 days to complete, although more time would be required to furnish the place.  It is also guaranteed the cost would creep up north of the $1,000 price tag for a commercial build, since this only includes material costs and not labor.”

Moretti concludes: “Gaia represents an example of reduced costs, especially if compared on the thermal performances usually obtained [through traditional systems.]  Gaia does not require heating or air conditioning, and is able to maintain consistent temperatures indoors regardless of what season in the year it is.  At the moment, the company is evaluating every possibility to enter the construction market.  Probably the most reliable strategy will be a construction service, with our team involved in the wall construction.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Digital Trends

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