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3D Printed Industrial Diamond Composite

All3DP reports on the unveiling of a 3D printed industrial diamond composite.  This composite was unveiled by Swedish engineers from the company Sandvik at RAPID + TCT in Detroit.

In what these engineers claim is a world’s first, this truly shows the capability of 3D printing at this moment in time.  Indeed, “diamond composite is 58 times harder than anything found in nature and is used in tools for drilling and machining.”

As Sandvik Delivery Manager Anders Ohlsson explains: “even now we are just starting to grasp the possibilities and applications that this breakthrough could have.  Upon seeing its potential, we began to wonder what else would be possible from 3D printing complex shapes in a material three times stiffer than steel, with heat conductivity higher than copper, the thermal expansion close to Invar, and with a density close to aluminum.”

Sandvik believes “the diamond composite will revolutionize the machining industry and result in new advanced applications in space programs and wear parts.  Sandvik’s material is not synthetic or natural, but a composite which is mostly pure diamond. However, it also has a matrix material to ensure it can be printed. The result has most of the physical properties of pure diamond.”

To create these complex geometries, the Sandvik engineering team “print a semi-liquid mixture of polymer and diamond powder using an SLA 3D printer. After this is complete, the engineers perform a proprietary post-processing method, which ensures the properties of a dense diamond composite are produced.”

Uppsala University’s Adjunct Professor in Applied Materials Science Susanne Norgren concludes: “Sandvik’s 3D printed diamond composite is a true innovation.  It means we can begin to use diamond in applications and shapes never conceived possible before.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of All3DP

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