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3D Printed “Meat”

The Guardian reports on Redefine Meat, a firm based out of Israel, which is developing 3D printed synthetic “meat.” Redefine Meat claims “their product tastes like the real thing and could have huge ecological benefits.”

This “realistic beef and chicken” is 3D printed from plant protein or animal cells grown in a lab. “And, within a few years, Redefine Meat’s 3D printers are likely to be available to buy so consumers can produce their own “meat” at home.” The “meat’s” “raw ingredients come in a Nespresso-style cartridge.”

Additionally, as Redefine Meat’s Co-Founder and CEO Eschchar Ben-Shitrit elaborates, this “meat” could have ecological benefits. “The biggest reason for going to ‘alternative’ meat is because of the future of our planet. We love meat but we don’t have enough resources for it. Cows require a lot of water, a lot of food, and a lot of land, but we don’t have enough of any of these. We can recycle, drive electric cars, we can shower less, but these changes can’t compete with reducing consumption by one hamburger per week.”

Ben-Shitrit continues: “reducing beef production would result in a huge reduction in C02 emissions and far less clearance of wild countryside for grazing land. Other meats, such as pork and fish, will soon be added to the menu, reducing the need for pig-rearing or fishing.”

The health benefits are also a consideration. “If you eat meat, there are nutritional advantages and disadvantages. But definitely people consume too much. Plant-based products don’t contain cholesterol or the pathogens which exist in meat. They would therefore be attractive to many vegetarians who could gain the nutritional value without a moral dilemma. Poorer nations, where traditional meat is too expensive for most of the population, will also benefit in time.”

Redefine Meat will pilot its plant-based “meat” in restaurants throughout Europe in early 2020.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of The Guardian

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