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3D Printed Mechanical Keyboard

Hackaday reports on “a rash of builds of FedorSosnin’s do-it-yourself 3D printed mechanical keyboard, the SiCK-68.”

The SiCK-68 is a fascinating 3D printed mechanical keyboard as “the cost is pretty low.” Indeed, even its acronym speaks to this ethos. “SiCK stands for Super, Inexpensive, Cheap, Keyboard.” According to its list of required materials, the SiCK-68 3D printed mechanical keyboard only costs about $50. Obviously, “this does not include the cost of the 3D printer and soldering gear.” But most makers will have these devices on hand anyway.

The brains behind the SiCK-68 3D printed mechanical keyboard “is a Teensy which scans the hand-wired key matrix. The only electronics within the entire system are the switches, each with a companion diode, and the Teensy. The EasyAVR software does all the logical work both as firmware and a configuration GUI.”

As Hackaday notes, each of these individual 3D prints of the SiCK-68 3D printed mechanical keyboard “have their own character. Yet they look overwhelmingly professional — like something you might buy at a store. This is the kind of project which would have been extremely difficult to pull off a decade ago. You could build the keyboard, of course, but making it look like a finished product was beyond most of us unless we were willing to make enough copies to justify having special tooling made to mold the cases.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Hackaday

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