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3D Printed Mini Cities

Curbed recently wrote about Ittyblox, which has “launched a collection of supremely detailed 3D printed miniature buildings.”

3D printing company Shapeways will print each piece on demand with every order at 1:1000 scale.  These pieces take their inspiration from real world cities.  For example, “there’s a mini version of New York City’s Guggenheim Museum, London’s Methodist Central Hall Westminster, plus some slightly more generic Chicago ‘black box office buildings’ and ‘Miami Art Deco hotels.’”

Ittyblox, through Shapeways, “sells the designs individually and in multi-building city-themed sets, with prices ranging from $6 for a Miami hotel to $93 for a collection of seven ‘New York buildings.’  The catalog also offers a chunk of highway for $21, a small urban park for $37, and a $20 gridded baseplate to hold all the pieces together.”

Perhaps the most exciting possible feature for Ittyblox’s cities are the LED lights customers can choose to put beneath the structures “which have some cut-out windows.”  These give the display a certain pop sure to dazzle visitors.

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Curbed

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