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3D Printed Porsche Restoration Component Wins Award

3D Printing Industry reports “Weerg, an online 3D printing and CNC service provider, has announced Porsche technician Benjamin Nenert as the winner of its 2019 3D Printing Project Award.”

Apparently, “Nenert’s project of a vehicle component for the Porsche 928 was awarded the top prize by Weerg for the second edition of its 3D printing competition, which opened in April and consists of a $558 Weerg coupon.”

This award “is an online social contest, which invites contestants, ranging from designers, developers, and engineers, to create an innovative 3D object, with the winning design then 3D printed by Weerg using its installation of HP Multi Jet Fusion 4210 3D printers.”

As Weerg’s Founder Matteo Rigamonti explains: “Among the many nominations received on our Facebook and Instagram pages, we have chosen to award [Benjamin Nenert’s] project because it represents an example of simple creativity, as well as an intelligent integration of 3D and CNC technologies.”

Nenert is a Porsche technician who lives in France.  “He specializes in diagnostics and repairs of Porsche vehicles, and also works a second job in his spare time under his own business, ‘Ben Auto Design.’  For his company, he offers repairs and refurbishment of vintage Porsches by modernizing the components with design manufacturing.”

As for Nenert’s award-winning project, it is “the restoration of an engine component within a 1983 Porsche 928 engine. The Porsche technician is using the 3D printing offered by Weerg to produce and restore the intake plenum, which he claims is the first time a piece like the vintage engine component [has been 3D printed.] Although the restoration of the Porsche 928’s 4.7-liter V8 engine is an ambitious and time-consuming project, with many pieces to be designed and produced, Nenert is sure the HP MJF 4210 3D printers at Weerg will be able to provide the required properties to create a functioning intake plenum.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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