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3D Printed Shoe Collection: Exobiology Inspired by Nature

3D Print was on hand to witness Ica and Kostika’s new 3D printed shoe collection.  Of course, this new shoe collection features a wide variety of shoes “designed to perfectly conform to the shape of each individual wearer’s foot.”  This is the design team who introduced their first 3D printed shoe, the Mycelium shoe, back in 2018.  They have dubbed their new collection the Exobiology Collection.

As designer Ica Paru explains: “this collection is a celebration of the natural systems which create beautiful intricacies and how we can go beyond nature to create a form engineered to our desires, something otherworldly.”

“The Exobiology Collection features designs such as the Seahorse, which is inspired by…the structure of a seahorse.  The shoe’s curving, arching form envelops the foot and tapers into a tail-like heel, and is available in a variety of colors and hand-painted finishes.”

Other shoes featured in the Exobiology Collection include The Spine and The Coral.  As one could imagine, The Spine “resembles a spinal column…the spins curve over the toes to keep the shoes from falling off.  The Spine shoe comes in silver, white, or black chrome.”  As for The Coral, this stupendous shoe resembles silvery coral.  “There are three different versions of The Coral shoe, all featuring delicate branches wrapping around the foot.”

Of course, there is still the Mycelium shoe, “which is now available in three different versions: the original shark fin-shaped wedge; a more traditional heel; and a truly terrifying looking heel-less version, which must have the wearer teetering in midair.”

In order to order these shoes, “the customer downloads an app and takes a series of pictures of their feet, and the company uses those pictures to map the feet and shape the interior of the shoes for a perfect custom fit.  The shoes are then 3D printed and finished using automotive-grade technology.”

As always, Ica and Kostika are producing their shoes “in small production runs and are taking only limited requests to produce the shoes from the Exobiology Collection.  Only five pairs were produced of the original Mycelium shoe.  Prices are available upon request.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Print

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