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3D Printed Shoe Collection: In Metal & Plastic

3D Printing Media Network reports on the launch of a new generative 3D printed show collection developed by Ica & Kostika. Ica & Kostika is “a Portland-based emerging design studio accentuating the fusion of fashion design and technology. The studio highlights exclusive made-to-order production while focusing on computational innovation.”

Ica & Kostika’s branding copy is flavorful, to say the least: “fueled by passion, love, beauty, and brought to life by combining art and the highest levels of mathematics, we have forged our heels – the designers say on their website. Disruption is at the core of existence. The big bang disrupted time and space, within every one of us there is longing for disruption. This is our way.”

The studio’s new 3D printed shoe collection consists of four different groupings: each “available on-demand, in different styles, and in both metal and plastic. The core designs are inspired by sea-life and life-bearing structures in general and include Coral, Seahorse, Mycelium, and Spine.”

“The Spine design is available either as Spine DIY or Spine Metal. Starting at $800, the Spine DIY are a wearable shoe sculpture that manipulates the vertebrae of the spine to create a continuous form along the foot. Like other designs, this plastic version is 3D printed in nylon using a selective laser sintering process.”

“The partner AM service provide puts it into production upon receiving the order. The shipped shoes are not finished and the studio recommends getting a finishing cover done locally.”

Spine Metal, however, starts at $2,800. These shoes are 3D printed using steel, in a “binder jetting process, which is later infused with bronze, creating a material made from 60% steel and 40% bronze.”

This 3D printed shoe collection is sure to impress…

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Ica & Kostika and 3D Printing Media Network

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