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3D Printed ‘Smart’ Bandages

BBC News reports on the latest medical advancement coming out of Swansea University in Wales.  Swansea University’s Institute of Life Science (ILS) has developed medical bandages “which can detect how a wound is healing and send messages back to doctors.”

These bandages, which will be partially 3D printed, will “use real-time 5G technology to monitor what treatment is needed and also keep track of a patient’s activity levels.”  This way, medical help could be tailored to each patient’s individual healthcare needs.

“Experts in nanotechnology would develop the tiny sensors [within these bandages] while 3D printers at ILS would be used to produce the bandages, which would bring down the cost.”

As ILS’s Chairman Professor Marc Clement explains: “Traditional medicine may be where a clinician might see a patient and then prescribe the treatment approach for a month or three months.  What the future holds is a world where there’s the ability to vary the treatment to the individual, the lifestyle, and the pattern of life.”

“Sometimes we revere doctors so much…we tell them all is well but all of the evidence is there before them in this 5G world, so the clinician and patient can work together to address the challenge…what we’re creating…is an ecosystem [capable of proving] concept, [proving] business, [manufacturing] locally, and [taking] innovation to a global marketplace.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of BBC News

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