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3D Printed Smart Golf Club Prototype to be Showcased at CES 3D Printing Marketplace

TCT Magazine reports on a golfing related showcase to be unveiled at the CES 3D Printing Marketplace 2017 hosted by Las Vegas January 5th through January 8th.

CRP Group and CRP USA are presenting “what they believe to be the world’s first Smart Golf Club.  Their prototype, made in collaboration with Krone Golf, possesses a dual 9-axis motion sensor, Launch Monitor, and a Professional Instructor seamlessly integrated into the club.”

“The Smart Club is made with Windform Additive Manufacturing and Titanium CNC machined by CRP Group on behalf of Krone Golf, similar to the KD-1 [golf club] launched [in 2016].  The KD-1 is a functional golf club, also made in collaboration with Krone Golf, which is more lightweight.  Additive manufacturing techniques, along with the use of Windform, have also improved the speed, precision, design flexibility, and part optimization.”

As for the Smart Club, motion sensors are incorporated into its head and grip: “With sensors active to take data in real-time, it can detect inefficiencies in a player’s swing.  Using a mobile and tablet app, which holds all the data, the user can then be coached on how to improve with a series of tips and drills.”

“The Krone Linked system can precisely measure the location and speed of the club head and grip during a complete swing.  Meanwhile, the mass of the sensors has been carefully calculated and strategically positioned.  More than 500 data points are collected and instantly processed through proprietary algorithms to calculate golf metrics such as club path at impact, face angle, angle of attack, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, and total distance.  This data will then be wirelessly transmitted to the user’s smartphone or tablet.”

It should be a fun showcase!

Image and Quotes Courtesy of TCT Magazine

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