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3D Printed Snacks from Scraps

Digital Trends reports on a duo of Dutch entrepreneurs, Elzelinde van Doleweerd and Vita Broeken, who have developed a method, utilizing 3D printing, which will allow people to re-use food waste in the creation of brand new edible food.

The duo began their startup, Upprinting Food, following “research carried out by van Doleweerd for her Bachelor’s degree at the Eindhoven University of Technology.  This was an attempt to combine her study of sustainable food with new technology – in this case, 3D printing.”

Upprinting Food aims “to give old food a new lease on life…by turning it into a material, which can be used for 3D printing new food.”  As the co-founders of this startup explain: “with Upprinting Food, we are creating an attractive food experience from food which otherwise would have been thrown away.  We use, for example, old bread, in combination with fruits and vegetables. We create a printable puree from those residual food flows and print it in nice shapes to make it look attractive again. After printing, we bake it and dehydrate it to create a crunchy structure [with a] long shelf life. The food can be implemented very nicely in dishes, and people can eat it again.”

This material, which is 3D printed, “is made from upwards of 75 percent residual food flows, in addition to select…ingredients and herbs and spices for flavoring.  Using this approach, the team has created a variety of both sweet and savory food samples.”

As for the future of Upprinting Food, the duo plans to focus on high-end restaurants: “this is a niche market, but a quite interesting start for us because the production of the food can take place in restaurants with their own residual food flows.  Our first step is to upscale the printer, to make it less time consuming for restaurants to create enough 3D printed samples for their quests.  In the [even farther out] future, we also want to focus on retail and wholesalers, to make a larger impact and reduce more food waste.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Digital Trends

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