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3D Printing App for Microsoft

In a previous issue, Replicator World discussed Microsoft’s first foray into the 3D printing world.  When the computing giant released the latest version of their operating system, Windows 8.1, they included native 3D printing support.  Additionally, as Personalize has reported, Windows has released “developer codes for the use of the Kinect [on an Xbox] as a 3D scanner” while partnering up with MakerBot stores.  Now Microsoft has announced the 3D Builder.  This “free app is aimed at newcomers to 3D printing and is a way to customize pre-set or imported designs.  The modifications abilities are relatively limited but this does serve as a foolproof entry to 3D printing for any[one] looking to use their printer for the first time.”  For now, 3D Builder is only available for devices running Windows 8.1, with the built-in 3D printing support software.  “The app is essentially a library of STL files that are easily manipulated within the software; it is not a complex CAD software package…[and an] easy visualization for showing newcomers the technology with a variety of objects that will…print.”

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Personalize      

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