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3D Printing Construction Unit in UAE

3D Printing Industry reports on a brand-new 3D printing construction unit in the United Arab Emirates kicked into action by large-scale 3D printing firm XtreeE, which is based out of Paris, France.

XtreeE has received major “investment from TTWiiN Investment Partners, an investment arm of the US-based engineering consulting firm Thornton Tomasetti, in the company’s latest round of funding.”

Additionally, “XtreeE has announced a collaboration with Concreative, a concrete 3D printing company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to open a new 3D printing production unit in Dubai.”

XtreeE, which was founded in 2015, is focused on large-scale concrete-based additive manufacturing in the construction industry.  “The company operates via two services.  Clients can rent and gain access to its large-scale 3D printing systems, like the six-axis 3D printing robot, which is capable of 3D printing concrete and clay with high precision.  Or, XtreeE also offers to assist clients with collaborative design and large-scale prototype manufacturing, helping them determine the benefits of large-scale 3D printing.”

Now, the Dubai-based production unit “will incorporate XtreeE’s 3D printing technology, and be under the operation of Concreative.”

As President of Thornton Tomasetti Ray Daddazio explains: “There is a huge misconception within the AEC industry that 3D printing is a technology only of the future.  We see it as a technology of today.  We are pleased to help XtreeE pioneer new applications that will enable project teams to push the frontiers of design through digital fabrication.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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