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3D Printing an Entire Camper Trailer

3DPrinting Industry reports on a recent – and quite impressive – 3D printing project undertaken in Saskatoon, Canada.

Wave of the Future 3D has 3D printed a 13-ft. long camper trailer – all in one go.  “The full process was broadcast live on Facebook over [a two-week period], breaking the world record for its size.”

While there have been larger 3D printed objects (such as the U.S. Navy’s 30 ft. long “Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL’s) 3D printed submarine hull,”) none have been 3D printed all at once – and in one piece.  (ORNL’s submarine was assembled using 6 distinct parts.)

Now, however, thanks to Wave of the Future 3D and Saskatchewan Polytechnic, a fully 3D printed camper trailer is now a reality.  This 3D printing was hosted at Create Café 3D Printing Solutions Inc., which is a “3D printing workspace and coffeeshop.”

Named ‘The Wave’, this camper trailer was “3D printed on a custom-built, large-scale ErectorBot…the largest indoor 3D printer in North America and the only one in Canada.  The ErectorBot 3D printer…has a build area of approximately 28 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 7 feet tall.  The trailer was printed entirely as a single piece using PETG plastic feedstock.”  The ‘Wave’ camper trailer weighs around 600 lbs, with a life expectancy of 100 years.  It is mobile and will be “re-purposed for different uses such as an ice fishing hut.”

Saskatchewan Polytechnic President and CEO Dr. Larry Rosia concludes: “this leading edge applied research partnership creates unique learning opportunities for our students.  We have a great applied research relationship with Create Café, with countless synergies.  This is another example of being able to learn from each other and share Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s expertise to support industry in solving every day, real-world problems.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3DPrinting Industry

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