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3D Printing: Faster than Ever

At the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, researchers have “developed a faster 3D printing process and are now using it to model and fabricate heterogeneous objects, which comprise multiple materials.”  This, according to  Before this innovation, the fabrication time for printing such objects could take hours.  Now, however, “USC Viterbi professor Yong Chen and his team have shaved the fabrication time down to minutes.”  Yong Chen, Ph.D., professor in the Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the study’s lead researcher added, “digital material design and fabrication enables controlled material distributions of multiple base materials in a product component for significantly improved design performance.  Such fabrication capability opens up exciting new options that were previously impossible.”  This revolutionary breakthrough comes a year after “Chen and another team of USC Viterbi researchers improved an AM-related process called mask-image-projection-based stereolithography (MIP-SL) to drastically speed up the fabrication of homogeneous 3D objects.”  (Or objects of just one material)  In the future, however, Dr. Chen and his team aim to “investigate how to develop an automatic design approach for heterogeneous material distribution according to user-specified physical properties and how to improve the fabrication speed.”

Watch USC Vitberbi’s video about the project here!

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