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3D Printing in the Library

Three libraries in Connecticut add 3D printers to their collections

Three libraries in Connecticut add 3D printers to their collections


The Courant recently announced that the Southington library has a new Makerbot Replicator II.  Southington marks the third library in the state of Connecticut to have a 3D printer, after Westport and Trumbull.  “Westport’s library was the first in Connecticut to get a 3D printer, and in July 2012 opened what it called its Maker Space, a section with several printers where people can learn to use them and design and make things…[it] was featured on the cover of the October 2012 Library Journal, resulting in libraries from Boston to Alaska contacting Westport library Director Maxine Bleiweis about the new service.  Westport is hosting a meeting [on] October 1st of about 100 librarians who want to see what it means for a library to have a 3D printer.”  Director Bleiweis discussed the public response to Wesport’s Maker Space: “It’s beyond exciting.  People really are drawn to it.  It’s something new to learn, which fits the role of libraries as places of knowledge.  We have 20 people trained to use the printers.  These machines are the democratization of manufacturing.  People can use them to make almost anything they can design.”

Photo Courtesy of MakerBot

Quotes Courtesy of The Courant

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