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3D Printing Lilliput

3DPrint tells of an exciting new exhibit set to open in New York City.  “More than 600 artists from around the world have joined forces to build Gulliver’s Gate, a tiny, partially 3D printed world consisting of 300 cities all fitting together in a 4,900-square foot space.”  (As the above video states – that’s about the size of a standard football field!

While much of these worlds were brought to life via traditional manufacturing and artistic techniques – much of them were 3D printed!  “The project was conceived by Michael Langer, a native New Yorker, and Eiran Gazit, an Israeli who launched a similar project in 2002 called Mini-Israel.  Mini-Israel was a bit larger than Gulliver’s Gate; the project was installed in a 14-acre park and contained scale models of various sites in Israel.”

“When Langer and Gazit met, they decided to collaborate on a project that was both bigger and smaller.  The buildings, people, and natural landscapes of Gulliver’s Gate are built at a 1:87 scale, meaning a six-foot-tall person would be reduced to 0.8 inches high.”  In fact, visitors to this magical exhibit will be afforded the opportunity to have their likeness 3D scanned then 3D printed and inserted into these cityscapes in miniature.

Of course, not every region is represented in Gulliver’s Gate – but quite a few are – such as New York City herself, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Russia, Europe, and a few fantastical cities thrown in for good measure.

Image, Video, and Quotes Courtesy of Gulliver’s Gate and 3DPrint

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