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3D Printing Saves Rare Jaguar

Digital Trends has recently reported how a British Shop used the wonders of 3D printing to save the rarest of Jaguars.  The 1954 Pininfarina-bodied XK120 is a one-off, and probably the rarest Jaguar in the car company’s history.

Back in 1954, the XK120 was “delivered to a high-profile owner in New York City.  The one-of-a-kind car changed hands numerous times over the subsequent decades, and it ended up the worse for wear.  That’s when modern tech came to the rescue.”

More specifically, a British shop known as Classic Motor Cars “spent a whopping 6,725 hours restoring every single part of this car to like-new condition.”

The team began by stripping the car down to bare metal.  “Its one-off status complicated the task considerably because there are no blueprints or reference guides to rely on.”  So when it came to the challenge of finding the parts that were missing, 3D printing was the ideal tool.

“Using photographs taken over the course of the car’s life, Classic Motor Sport re-manufactured the front and rear bumpers, which are specific to this car, and made mock-ups of the lights using a 3D printer.  Some of the missing bits and pieces were also 3D printed.”

“This is clearly a technology that changes the way we restore cars; even big manufacturers are using it.  And while we can’t 3D print glass parts yet, 3D scanning technology was used to reproduce the rear window.”

And now, thanks to 3D printing, this Jaguar purrs like a kitten once more.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Digital Trends

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