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3D Printing…with Holograms!

Arch Daily reports on an exciting (and quite frankly mesmerizing) new additive manufacturing process developed by the tech start-up Daqri.  This process is faster than many other 3D printing techniques by using three-dimensional holograms.

“The printer works by projecting a 3D light field into a dish of the light sensitive monomer ‘goo.’  The plastic quickly hardens, allowing it to be extracted using a screen.  The whole process takes just five seconds, compared to the several minutes [required] by” a more traditional 3D printer.

This holographic 3D printer not only has super-fast speeds, it “also creates monocoque objects that don’t suffer from the weaknesses found in the ‘grain’ between layers of [more traditionally 3D printed] objects.  The process would also eliminate the need for supporting structures currently required to create some 3D objects.”

This holographic 3D printing technique is still under development, of course, so there are currently quite a few limitations – “the machine can currently only create shallow forms – since polymerization of the plastic releases energy, thicker objects may be prone to deformation from melting.”

On the bright side, Daqri has already “begun testing the hologram-producing chip for visual use.  One current prototype is capable of rendering a single image on a [car’s] windshield at 720p HD.”

However far along this process is, however, it is intensely cool to witness with your own eyes!

Image, and Quotes Courtesy of Arch Daily and Daqri

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