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3D Systems Embeds PTC’s ThingWorx into 3D Printers

3D Print reports on a new announcement from 3D printing giant 3D Systems.  3D Systems plans “to begin embedding PTC’s ThingWorx within their 3D printers.”

PTC began more than 30 years ago “and was the first company to market with Internet-based PLM in 1998.”  They have also had a long partnership with 3D Systems.  Now, PTC “delivers…connectivity through the ThingWorx platform, which enables direct sourcing of data from connected machines within factories or from third party businesses or engineering systems.”

3D Systems has chosen to expand their partnership with PTC in order to “shift away from prototyping and [focus more on] 3D printed production, maximizing printer availability and productivity.”

This new partnered “platform will allow customers to create real time dashboards to monitor their 3D printers.  [It will also] give 3D Systems visibility into the printers’ service requirements.  The company will be able to remotely diagnose issues and even remotely repair the machines in some cases.”

As 3D Systems’ Vice President of Software Carol Zampell explains, “we believe the capabilities enabled through ThingWorx technology can help us deliver the machine uptime required in production environments.  This will enable our customers to gain a distinct business advantage through improved resource utilization, business insight, and overall gains in productivity.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Print

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