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3D Systems Launches On Demand Service

3DPrint reports on another launch by additive manufacturing giant 3D Systems.  3D Systems has recently announced the launch of its brand-new On Demand Anatomical Models service.  “The service allows medical professionals to order 3D printed anatomical models from their own medical files, enabling them to better plan surgeries and educate patients or trainees.”

All a user of this new On Demand Anatomical Models service has to do “is upload a 3D model file in STL, OBJ, or PLY format to the new website.  Customers can prepare their files for 3D printing using 3D Systems’ D2P software if they so choose, or any other commercially available software. The user then selects which materials they want their models to be 3D printed in, as well as areas to highlight, and requests an instant quote. The order can then be placed with one click, and the 3D printed model will arrive in approximately five business days.”

Additionally, “3D Systems has created a seamless connection between its D2P software and the On Demand Anatomical Models website, so medical professionals can quickly and easily create 3D models from their medical imaging data.”

3D Systems Vice President of Medical Devices Katie Weimer explains: “for more than 25 years, 3D Systems has assisted medical professionals through the combination of our anatomical modeling experience and our 3D printing expertise.  The healthcare industry is seeing the benefits provided through 3D printed anatomical models, and we are dedicated to continuing to expand our healthcare offerings to meet market needs. With the launch of our new On Demand Anatomical Modeling Service, we are making 3D printed models easier and more accessible to a broader range of the healthcare community.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3DPrint and 3D Systems

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