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3Doodler Launches Create+ Pen

Engadget recently caught wind of a new release by the company 3Doodler.  3Doodler is famous for their mobile 3D printing pens.  Now, 3Doodler has announced the launch of their latest pen, the Create+.

“The Create+ builds on the original Create with the first dual drive system in any 3D printer, promising ‘almost entirely jam-free’ drawing…this also allows it to work seamlessly with a greater range of plastics, including ABS, FLEXY, and PLA.”

Additionally, the Create+ will also come complete with “a new heating algorithm for better performance, auto-retraction to prevent plastic from oozing out and more distinctive fast and slow settings.”

3Doodler plans to ship this shiny new Create+ 3D Printer pens this summer, “starting at $80 in an Essential set that includes three plastic packs.  Other sets include the $100 Deluxe set with a nozzleset and a Mini DoodlePad, and a $150 Master Creator set that upgrades to a full DoodlePad while throwing in the new A-to-Z Bookends Canvas kid, a project book, and another three plastic packs.”

On top of all this, 3Doodler customers will also have the option to add new creative kits into the mix.  These new creative kits include “the Animal Heads Kit (for wall mounting), a Purse Kit, a Decorative Lights Kit, an Engine Kit, and even an Advanced Robotics Kit” allowing your 3D printed objects to move on their own.  Each of these kits are an additional $30.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Engadget

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