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3DPrinterOS: Standardization for the Masses

John Dogru and Anton Vedeshin are engineers.  Their goal, according to Tech Crunch, is “to create a standardized, usable OS for all 3D printers, ensuring that any time you click a button to print a 3D model you’ll see exactly the same screens and functionality.”

Enter 3DPrinterOS.  This “standalone software system” will connect “to a number of popular printers.  It works on Mac and Windows as well as Linux and Raspberry Pi.” 

3DPrinterOS’ technology is “rooted in cloud computing and IT security. “  Dogru and Vedeshin believe that by offloading “the heavy stuff to a server…you can make 3D printing more accessible and easier to use for all…Using this software, your printer turns into a networked ‘black box’.   Users can simply send over files and print them.  The service is compatible with MakerBot, Ultimaker, and some RepRap models…and also allows you to control and submit print jobs over the Internet.”

Dogru adds, “It’s incredibly exciting how fast the 3D printing world is growing but without a platform that’s able to communicate across printers, softwares, and applications, users are unable to truly enjoy and unleash the full potential of 3D Printing.  Our goal is a platform compatible with the majority of design tools and 3D printers so dreamers, designers, and first time makers can collaborate, communicate, and create in a universal language for the first time.”

The 3DPrinterOS apps have just left beta and are available now.

Image Courtesy of 3DPrinterOS

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