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A Home Schooled Prodigy Builds India’s First 3D Printer


Daryani is from Mumbai, and according to DNA India, dropped out of high school because he felt “kid’s don’t learn anything there.  I had no satisfaction that I knew things, I couldn’t apply anything I had learned to real life.”

“[Daryani’s] love for developing and creating things wasn’t appreciated in a system where practical knowledge isn’t too common.”  Daryani built his first humanoid robot when he was eight, and created a remote-controlled hovercraft by watching YouTube videos.  He has even “presented his work to former president (of India) APJ Kalam and industrialist Ratan Tata.”

Daryani started his “own company that sells DIY kits, Shark Kits, for everything from portable speakers to headphones to power supplies.”  He even sells RepRap Prusa i3 desktop 3D printers.

However, Daryani’s greatest achievement to date is the 3D printer he developed, the SharkBot.  It launches this January.  Daryani claims the SharkBot is the “fastest and most robust desktop 3D printer that can print any material except metal.” 

“The idea came about when he noticed people were importing 3D printers for desktop use.”  “We are wasting foreign currency by importing these things…I want to change that.” He says.  Daryani spends at least four hours a day working on the SharkBot.  The future looks bright for this young 3D printing entrepreneur.     

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of DNA India      

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