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AI in 3D Printing

3D Printing Media Network reports on the launch of AiMaker Systems, which “implements AI for error detection in 3D printing.”

This “real-time inspection technology uses computer vision and machine learning.”  This system, which was made by London-based Ai Build, “focuses on multi-axis robotic extrusion 3D printing of very large structures using polymers.  Though not necessarily as dramatic as for aerospace or oil and gas parts, a defect in an architectural or artistic part can have costly repercussions.”

“With the new AI implementation Production, these defects are no longer an obstacle to large-scale 3D printing. The technology automatically detects most common printing issues such as material shrinkage and warping in real time.  A deep neural network trained by Ai Build increases productivity and level of automation in additive manufacturing facilities and at the same time reduces production costs and material waste.”

The company’s Autonomous Large-Scale 3D Printing technology, AiMaker, comes equipped with an embedded camera and a GPU module.  This allows AiMaker to detect “manufacturing defects by comparing its real-time camera view to previously recorded images of 3D printed parts.  Users of the new AiMaker will be able to get instant notifications about the quality of their 3D printed parts through the AiSync cloud software.”

As Ai Build’s CEO Daghan Cam explains: “we have a simple rule at Ai Build: if a product is faulty, we repeat production.  If it has a small defect, we repeat.  If we are slightly in doubt, we repeat.  This level of perfection in additive manufacturing usually comes at a high cost, in the form of excessive labor and material waste.  The milestone we are announcing is a result of our obsession for flawless production and a major leap towards fully automated, autonomous factories of the future.  We are excited to see how the productivity of our users will increase this advanced technology.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Media Network

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