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Airbus and Farsoon Partner

All3DP reports on the announcement of a partnership between Airbus and Farsoon.  This partnership “aims to create a 3D printing polymer material for the civil aviation industry.”

Farsoon is “a Chinese supplier of both SLM and SLS 3D printers.”  Specifically, they are partnering with Airbus Beijing Engineering Centre (ABEC).  “The companies will focus on developing an additive manufacturing polymer to be used in civil aviation to make aerospace-grade parts on Farsoon’s 3D printers.”

As Farsoon CEO Dr. Xu Xiaoshu says: “we are very excited to start this R&D collaboration with Airbus.  As a leading industry AM solution provider, Farsoon has been pushing towards the transition of AM applications from prototyping to manufacturing.”

“Two years ago, Farsoon introduced the Continuous Additive Manufacturing System (CAMS) polymer series which offers continuous and scalable production. The build space of the HT1001P, which is in use via a beta program, is 1000 x 500 x 450mm.”

ABEC’s General Manager Michel Tran Van adds: “it’s the first time Airbus will be collaborating with a Chinese company in the polymer industry.  Airbus is looking for more than the performance of a new material.  We must focus on what industrializing AM needs including workflow development, cost management, industrial manufacturing capabilities, and speed.  With this same goal of industrialization, I look forward to the R&D results of this collaboration.  I also believe we will collaborate more [with Farsoon] in the future.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of All3DP

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