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Airwolf 3D Launches EVO Additive Manufacturing Center

TCT Magazine reports on Airwolf 3D’s launch of its innovative desktop 3D printer, the EVO Additive Manufacturing Center.  The EVO was announced at CES 2018.

“The EVO AMC marks Airwolf 3D’s fifth generation 3D printing system.  Its name derives from its apparent superior technology, design, and construction to rival desktop machines on the market: a company press release [boasts] how EVO is not ‘merely an industrial 3D printer, but a fully-fledged Additive Manufacturing Center.’”

The EVO AMC comes with your standard Airwolf features “such as auto-levelling, large build size, high temperature multi-material printing, and compatibility with water-soluble Hydrofill support material.  But it also delivers…PartSave [which] is a feature enabling the printer to carry on with the print it is working on after a power outage or the machine getting unplugged.  Once power is restored, manufacturing resumes.  Another [feature of EVO AMC] is FailSafe.  This comes into action when a jam occurs, or the user runs out of filament.  By placing the print head at the height it was at prior to the interruption, FailSafe will get the printer back to work and finishing the job.”

Erik Wolf, Airwolf 3D’s Co-Founder and CEO, concludes: “the EVO AMC is completely new and it’s unlike anything out there.  We took the technology we perfected with our prosumer line of 3D printer and leveraged it to develop a machine light years beyond anything else on the market.  The EVO AMC is faster, stronger, and more accurate than any other desktop 3D printer – it delivers a premium 3D manufacturing experience at less than half the cost of machines offering equivalent performances.  Plus, it’s packed with new technology dramatically changing the way we manufacture, including the ability to work in metals.  The EVO AMC far surpasses the capabilities of a traditional desktop 3D printer.  It’s a true desktop Additive Manufacturing Center.”

The EVO AMC is shipping this month.  Pricing starts at $6,995.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of TCT Magazine

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