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Amazon Launches 3D Printing Storefront


Tom’s Guide reports that Amazon recently “launched an online storefront for 3D printed objects and downloadable design files that can be printed on home machines.”

Amazon partnered with “four companies that offer 3D printing as a service, most notably Cincinnati-based 3D printing store 3DLT, a storefront that partners with designers to sell 3D printable files.  The company also sells finished 3D printed works, but customers have to buy the file first.”

3DLT CEO John Hauer was interviewed by Upstart Business Journal, saying “that Amazon approached the company when 3DLT started selling its products through Amazon’s site.  ‘They said, ‘that’s all well and good, but we don’t have a category called 3D printed products.’  We said, ‘We’d like to help you create one.’” 

Amazon’s new storefront for 3DLT “has only 43 products on the Amazon storefront, mostly jewelry, smartphone cases, and small decorations.  They all come printed in Nylon Polymide, and only the color is customizable.” 

For now.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Tom’s Guide 

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