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Another MakerBot CEO Leaves

Quartz reports on yet another shakeup at 3D printing company MakerBot, owned by Stratasys.  Jonathan Jaglom, who had been MakerBot’s CEO for the last two years, and “who tried to pivot the company away from an [as of now] unsuccessful push into consumer 3D printing, has resigned.”

Back “in 2013…the company was purchased by industrial 3D printing firm Stratasys for more than $600 million…MakerBot founder Bre Pettis stepped down as CEO a few months after the acquisition; he left Stratasys altogether in June 2015.  Interim CEO Jenny Lawton took over for less than a year, and in February 2015, Jaglom – at the time general manager of Stratasys Asia Pacific Japan, and son of the chairman of the board – was installed as MakerBot’s new chief.”

Once Jaglom had become established as MakerBot’s CEO, he pursued “new markets like education and professional services as it became clear [at least to him] the average consumer wasn’t going to buy a $1,000 personal 3D printer.”

So, “during his tenure, Jaglom instituted multiple rounds of layoffs, including everyone that actually built MakerBot’s printers in Brooklyn.  (They’re now built by a company in China.)  He also shuttered all of the company’s retail stores.”

Jaglom will be replaced as CEO of MakerBot by the company’s president, Nadav Goshen.  Goshen seems to be leaning towards a similar strategy to Jaglom’s: “I’m excited to continue working towards our vision of putting a desktop 3D printer in every classroom and on the desk of every designer and engineer.”

It remains to be seen whether MakerBot’s current strategy is indeed the right one.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Quartz

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