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AstroPrint Launches Mobile 3D Printing App

3D Print reports on a new announcement from AstroPrint.  AstroPrint, who launched their first Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, “is a cloud-based platform offering wireless 3D printing, slicing, and more.”

“AstroPrint has the goal of simplifying 3D printing through advanced cloud technology, and it’s been highly successful, seeing more than 700,000 hours of 3D printing on the platform.  That, as AstroPrint points out, is about 80 years of 3D printing” in total.

Now AstroPrint is doing even more in order to achieve that lofty goal.  The company announced recently it would be launching a mobile 3D printing app for both iOS and Android platforms.  As AstroPrint CTO Daniel Arroyo explains: “this is the first step in a series of upcoming software releases aimed at simplifying the experience and improving the content distribution for 3D printing.  We are excited to show the industry how the 3D printing workflow (from finding a cool design, to starting a print, to monitoring the progress, and getting notified when the print is complete) can be greatly simplified without needing to deal with downloading files or complicated software.  Plus this can all be done directly from your smartphone while you are at the beach.”

Additionally, AstroPrint’s new app will allow users to 3D print directly from Thingiverse.  The AstroPrint Cloud File Manager will also always be in sync with the new AstroPrint Mobile File Manager.

AstroPrint’s CEO Drew Taylor concludes: “AstroPrint Mobile is not JUST for personal use, as we are currently going through our waiting list and collaborating with 3D printer manufacturers that are interested in releasing their own branded version of a cloud based, 3D printer management app for iOS and Android.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3DPrint

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