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Autodesk Research Releases Software for Making Instruments from 3D Printed Objects

Gizmodo reports on exciting new software developed by Autodesk Research.  Printone Software “turns any 3D printed model into a playable instrument.”  Indeed, “anyone with access to a 3D printer and this simple software…can turn any 3D model into a wind instrument capable of playing a variety of different notes.”

How does it work?  Well… “once you’ve imported the 3D model you want transformed into an instrument, the Printone Software automatically creates a hollow cavity inside which allows air to resonate and actually produce a sound.  The software also allows a user to place the mouthpiece anywhere on the model so…it’s easy to blow into.”

In order “to specify a range of notes the instrument can produce, Printone [subsequently] has users place and size holes all over the 3D model while the software generates a real-time preview of the sound and specific note the instrument will [produce].”

Additionally, Autodesk Research’s new software “can automatically position and adjust the size of the holes on the 3D model so…it hits [specific target notes] while played.”  Using a standard desktop 3D printer, users can then turn the 3D model into an actual, living, breathing instrument.

Image Courtesy of Autodesk Research

Quotes Courtesy of Gizmodo

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