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Biodegradable 3D Printed Sandals

3D Printing Industry reports on biodegradable 3D printed Sandals created by Lucie Trejtnarova in conjunction with Fillamentum.

Trejtnarova, who is a postgraduate student at the Faculty of Multimedia Communication at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic, teamed up with materials manufacturer Fillamentum. As a result of their collaboration, they have “developed the Organic 3D printed shoe collection.”

This shoe collection “was created in an effort to create sustainable footwear and accessories. The experimental sandal line integrates 3D printed outsoles from TPU-based Flexfill 98A, Malai, also known as coconut leather, and Piñatex, a natural fabric made from pineapple leaves.”

As Trejtnarova explains: “if I buy or make a product, it’s important to know the story behind it, how it can help somebody, and how it could disappear. We are responsible for each of our steps. Shoes from the Organic collection are based on a simple principle: at the end of their life, you can divide both parts, the upper in a compost and the sole you can recycle, to use again.”

Trejtnarova was inspired by “a trip to Southern India. During an internship at biomaterial design studio Malai Design & Materials, Trejtnarova was introduced to the raw materials Malai, which would help form the Organic footwear brand.”

Malai is a 100% biodegradable material known to be flexible, durable, and water resistance. It is wholly natural from coconut with a texture comparable to leather. Furthermore, Piñatex, deriving from pineapple leaf fiber, an agricultural waste product, is used as an alternative for leather. With these materials, Trejtnarova chose to create sandals to suit the warm and wet conditions of India.”

Then all Trejtnarova needed was 3D printing: “I first got in touch with 3D model making and using 3D printers at the University, [which] was a completely new challenge for me.”

It would appear the challenge paid off.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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