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BioPrinting Tissue for Blood Vessel Cells

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MedGadget reports on yet another breakthrough for 3D printing within the medical industry.

Harvard University researchers detailed a new method in the journal Advanced Materials.  This method involved “3D printing constructs made of three different cell types, including ones that line blood vessel walls.”  This method was developed in order to “integrate vasculature and [bring] together different cell types into a functional whole.”

Large chunks of tissue “require oxygen to penetrate into [their] interiors”, so this 3D printing construct will “allow for much larger pieces of printed tissue to be created.”

As the Harvard press release detailed, in order to 3D print these tissue constructs with a “predefined pattern, the researchers needed functional inks with useful biological properties, so they developed several ‘bio-inks’ – tissue-friendly inks containing key ingredients of living tissues.”  The team 3D printed, “constructs with a variety of architectures, culminating in an intricately patterned construct containing blood vessels and three different types of cells- a structure approaching the complexity of solid tissues.”

Once the team “injected human endothelial cells into the vascular network, those cells regrew the blood-vessel lining.”     

Image Courtesy of Turbosquid

Quotes Courtesy of MedGadget

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