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Blackbelt 3D Printer: Printing Long Items to Infinity

Tech Crunch reports on a brand new and highly intriguing system of 3D printing.  The Blackbelt utilizes a “conveyor system for FDM printing [which allows you to] build huge objects.”

The Blackbelt will cost “about $10,430 for a desktop system or $13,720 for a larger system with standing supports.  It prints 13 inches by 13 inches by infinity, which means you can print long car side panels or even long signs.  It comes with three separate nozzles for different extruded plastic widths.”

With this new Blackbelt 3D printing conveyor tech, “as long as you start the print touching the belt you can easily print objects with overhangs and indentations.  Interestingly, the printer has a unique print angle that prints out plastic on the leading edge.  This means objects can be printed without supports because it doesn’t print from the bottom up like normal FDM systems but from the edge.”

This key difference allows you to “print infinitely long objects on the Blackbelt or print multiple smaller objects that fall off into a basket.”  This way, the Blackbelt 3D printing conveyor tech gives users a highly flexible system.  Obviously, the ability to print supremely long objects can come in handy but so can printing a large group of smaller items all at once as well.

The Blackbelt 3D printing conveyor system launched its Kickstarter back in May of 2017.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Tech Crunch

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