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BMW Invests in 3D Printing

CNET reports on a recent announcement made by BMW i Ventures, which is the automaker BMW’s venture capital arm.  BMW i Ventures has chosen to invest in the startup Desktop Metal.  Desktop Metal is “devoted to 3D printing metal objects.”

Now, of course, BMW is not the first automobile manufacturer to invest in the wonderful world of 3D printing.  (In fact, it might even be the last to the party!)  What’s interesting here, however, is the fact that the German company may be interested in bringing 3D printed elements to production vehicles:

“BMW wants to help accelerate the rollout of this technology in both its design and manufacturing departments.”  Uwe Higgin, BMW i Ventures’s Managing Partner, had this to say on the recent investment by his company: “advances in metal 3D printing are driving innovation across a wide range of applications…with grains no larger than half the diameter of a human hair, these printers can create complex shapes in small sizes, and it can work with both aluminum and steel.  It also drastically cuts down on waste material, which can provide financial and environmental benefits.”

“From rapid prototyping and printing exceptional quality parts for end-use production, to freedom of design and mass customization, Desktop Metal is shaping the way cars will be imaged, designed, and manufactured.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of BMW and CNET

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