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Born to 3D Print

Italian motorcycle maker CRP has “joined forces with F1 technologies to print [a] lightweight, zero-emissions electric motorcycle called the Energica Ego.”  According to Clean Technica, the companies “[used] selective laser sintering and polyamide-based materials reinforced with carbon fiber called Windform.”  In a press release, CRP and F1 technologies added, “3D printing and Windform materials can lead to the production of prototypes and functional parts, that once made, can be metalized and painted.  With free-form design, short fabrication time, and the ability to build extremely complex geometry that cannot be easily tooled (or impossible to tool) a customized production is realized that goes beyond the aesthetic model.”  The Energica Ego also sports “a KERS braking system designed to recapture some energy and send it back to the battery pack.”  CRP states that the driving range of the bike is 120 miles between charges, “with DC fast-charging stations topping off 85% of the batter pack in as little as 30 minutes…the top speed is an electronically limited 150 mph, and 0 to 100 mph supposedly takes just 3 seconds to accomplish.”  However, CRP and F1 technologies have not released a price for the bike just yet. 

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Clean Technica     

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