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Brooklyn Start-Up 3D Prints Rocket Engine

CNBC reports on a Brooklyn start-up, Launcher, which claims to have 3D printed a rocket engine.  The company says their “E-2 Engine is the largest in the world to be 3D printed in a single piece.”

Apparently, this E-2 Engine “was made in Germany by AMCM using its specialized M4K printer.  Launcher has only five full-time employees but credits its ability to develop E-2 quickly to advances made in 3D printing.”

As Launcher Founder Max Haot explains: “with 3D printing, we’re now in a world where a start-up like us can now access [advanced] liquid oxygen propulsion technologies.”

Haot was able to found Launcher in 2017 following the sale of his internet video business Livestream to Vimeo.  Now with Launcher, Haot “plans to spend a decade building a six story tall rocket, which will send small spacecraft to orbit.  Launcher’s rocket is priced to this smaller market as well, with plans to sell missions for about $10 million a launch.”

Interestingly, Launcher has a test facility on Long Island at the Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant.  “Launcher has completed several minutes’ worth of test fires of its E-1 Engine…the company expects to begin test firing the E-2 Engine in the second half of this year.”

Launcher plans for true test flights to begin in 2024.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of CNBC

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