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Carbon Fiber 3D Printer


The Mark One printer from Mark Forged was announced at the SolidWorks 3D printing expo and The Verge was on hand to witness it.

Mark Forged, a Boston startup, expects the new printer to retail for just $5,000.  Carbon fiber, “the super-strong and lightweight material used in race cars and space shuttles” is not the only medium the Mark One can print in, however.   

“The desktop printer is also capable of printing in fiberglass, nylon, and the thermoplastic PLA, as well as a composite of these materials with layers of carbon fiber added for strength.”  These materials will be “useful in building stronger prototypes as well as ‘prosthetics, custom bones, tools, and fixtures’.”

The Mark One is desktop size, at 22.6-inch by 14.2 inch by 12.7 inch.  Mark Forged “has a wait list for pre-orders and hopes to ship in the second half of the year.  Gregory Mark, the founder of Mark Forged, says the desktop printer [meaning his Mark One] is a precursor to a larger industrial machine.”

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of The Verge 

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